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Dear visitor on the world congress in Basel , I hope that you will find our material interesting.
Please come forward and discuss with us whatever subject or point of believes if you are interested to work or educate in the field of issues connected to all kind of substance abuse. Dependency, criminality, violence, familyproblems, children in risk, educational problems, mixed social problems and so on and of course good examples how to treat and educate.

On Dagöholm we are aware of the fact that countries around the world have very different situations, both when it comes to alcohol-drug patterns/culture and the ability to deal with whatever problems it creates.
But the heavy suffering and the violence for children and their families, individuals and whole societies because of alcohol and drugs are in our believe the same all over the world.
That’s why, we, the hole group from Dagöholm Treatment Center is here in Basel, for learning, sharing and continue to find inspiration for social work, treatment, education+ more.

Important facts and other general information about Dagöholm T & E -Center.

1. the group in Basel is a mix of students and professional staff at Dagöholm. For us it is most  
    important to work together side by side, the professional and the student. The material is 
    done by the group of students themselves in corporation with Dagöholms staff of Teachers.
2. As you see above the people coming for treatment are called students, not patients or other.
    This is because of Dagöholms strong believe that you have to “LEARN” to be able to cope 
    with major lifeproblems
3. Dagöholm is a no profit NGO foundation  with IOGT-NTO-Sweden as owner.
    (Sven Olav Carlsson is head chairman of the board.)
4. Dagöholm is conducting its work mostly with the public social services as paying   
5. Dagöholm is one of Swedens largest Treatment-facilities, men and women of all ages (18- 
    65), are coming to Dagöholm with a very wide screen of diagnosis/problems. Whatever
    diagnosis, alcohol and drugs are always involved.
6. Dagöholm/IOGT-NTO sees self-help as a absolutely necessary. The work to build such a 
    organisation started on Dagöholm  1979. Today is this self-helporganisation (kamratstöd)
    a very significant and important part of not only Dagöholm but also the whole 
    mother organisation IOGT-NTO.
7. The staff at Dagöholm is a good mix of trained and educated Social workers, counsellors,
    Psychotherapist, medicine nurse, medicine Doctor, teachers with special training, 
    Technicians with special training, Food and restaurant. Computer and Data technicians

8. Dagöholm Is as you now understand not only a treatment center or clinic. It is also a school   
    not only for the people coming with problems for Treatment, but also for those who wants 
    to learn and study how to become a social worker or a therapist, counsellor. Etc. Since 1990
    we educate up to thirty students yearly and give them a ground education in treatment work.
9. International exchange is an important and vital part of the whole system and culture at
    Dagöholm. We have had many people from other countries coming for treatment.
    A number of students connected to IOGT around the world had done their training and
    education at Dagöholm to became a professional.

Partners and corporation:

Dagöholm/IOGT-NTO is full member of IOGT-international  Rehab group

Dagöholm/IOGT-NTO is full member of council for Family Clubs in the Nordic Countries

Dagöholm is a member of the council European School   Family Clubs ( Italy )


There is so much to say about this whole thing so its better not trying, but I can tell you that after more than thirty years in this field I still love my work. Both as a professional and as a member of a organisation that makes a difference for a lot of people around the world.

Please don’t hesitate to take contact with us for any question or for any exchange.

With best regards
Leif Persson
Executive Director
Dagöholm Treatment and Education Center


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